Flying Paper Lanterns

A flying lantern makes an ideal accessory for any occasion. These unique beauties are growing in popularity and becoming a safe and striking alternative to a fireworks display, in which all guests can participate.  Whether you choose to light just one sky lantern or dozens, they provide a truly special and memorable end to a significant day.

We at can provide you with authentic flying lanterns in an assortment of beautiful colours to add a unique atmosphere to your event or end to the evening.

If the night is calm just remove the lantern from its packaging, carefully unfold it so as not to tear the paper, hold it up between two people and light the fuel cell inside. Once the lantern has filled out, guide it gently into the sky. Flying lanterns are capable of rising to 800m and, with a gentle breeze, can drift several kilometres. Eventually the fuel cell will burn out and the lantern will drift slowly back to the ground.

The paper of the lantern is fairly delicate but it is still possible to write a personal message on the lantern; perhaps you wish to write an aspiration or a message for a loved one?

Next time you decide to have an outdoor party and want to create a magical and unforgettable moment, do consider our flying sky lanterns.