Hen's Night Supplies

Have you got that notorious "final night of freedom" coming up? Or perhaps you are a bridesmaid or the maid of honour and it is up to you to plan the bachelorette party? Whatever the level of cheekiness you are aiming for, we have it covered with our variety of hen's night accessories and games all designed to make the night an unforgettable one!

If you think the bride to be deserves some playful fun then our selection of games will be perfect. They are all completely portable so can be carried along to bars or restaurants and brought out at any moment; ideal for confident and daring hens!

The hens' night is all about dressing up and having some frivolous fun. We have all the dress-up accessories you can think of including the essential bride-to-be and bridesmaid sashes in plain satin or covered in flashing lights! We also have all the most popular hens' night accessories such as fluffy handcuffs, whips and garters to add to the mischief of the occasion. We even have a blindfold to introduce some mystery to the event for the fearless bride-to-be who has left all the planning up to her hens!

Adorn yourselves with fluffy pink feather boas, badges and shot glass necklaces so that not a moment goes by without the chance of a cheeky toast to the bride to be.

Browse our hens' night products on Partyshop.co.nz and you are sure to see something you just cannot do without on this exciting night!