Plastic Cups & Glasses

One of the essential party supplies are plastic glassware and cups, which offer the added convenience of being reusable, disposable and affordable. From cocktail glasses and wine glasses to shot glasses, we offer a wide range of plastic and disposable glassware for your party or event.

Our Red Cups are popular for parties and 21st birthdays and are often used for the infamous beer pong. These Solo cups are offered in Red and Blue as well as a similar style being offered in Green, Black and Light Red. With pack sizes in 25's or 50's they are a great way to brighten up a party.

Our plastic tumblers suitable for juice, water and other cold refreshments also come in a range of colours and sizes. We offer red, lime green, blue, pink, white and the standard clear plastic. These tumblers are if quality and are offered at affordable prices. Our tumblers are popular for all kinds of events and with their sizes ranging from 200ml - 425ml there is sure to be something suitable for you and your event.

We also offer a large range of specialty plastic 'glassware' such as wine glasses, wine goblets, champagne flutes and martini glasses. Our wine goblets are one piece and suitable for outdoor events and winetasting. Our other types of glasses are a higher quality two piece plastic glass with a stem that you clip on the bottom. These glasses are able to be reused and are made of sturdy plastic glass.

Plastic shot glasses and jelly shot cups are yet another popular for events. We offer a sample glass which is 62ml and is suitable as a shot glass as well as a sample cup for food and drinks. The other size we offer is a 30ml shot glass which is suitable for jelly shots as it is a flexible plastic cup that will not break or crack when squeezed.

For hot drinks we have a couple of options available; we have a cardboard keep with a matching lid as well as a foam cup. Both of these cups are suitable for hot drinks and soups and offer a cost effective way of managing needs at a party.

With our large range of plastic glassware suitable for all events there will be something for you! Browse our range of plastic glassware for your next event and let us help you make event planning painless!