Red Plastic Cups

Red Cups NZ

Genuine Red Cups are the ultimate addition to events such as flat warmings, BBQ's and 21sts with nothing saying "party" like red cups! is the place to find them whatever the size of your gathering as we have 50pks and 25pks available.

Buy Red Cups and Blue Cups online Solo cups are the genuine American red plastic cups seen on movies, TV shows and the internet. We sell red Solo cups, blue cups and a range of cheaper imitation red plastic cups for those on a tight budget. Each cup has several lines indicating the correct pouring levels for liquor, wine and beer.

History of Red Cups NZ

Solo first started making red party cups back in the 1970's and they quickly become popular for student and young people's parties across America. Their plastic red cups were of higher quality than all other plastic cups available at the time, making them suitable for keg parties, party games and beer skulling. But why are their cups red? That answer is not completely known however underage youth drinkers liked a plastic cup that hid the contents of their drink. White and clear plastic cups were popular at the time but drinkers preferred a darker coloured cup and it simply appears that red was the popular colour choice for both male and female drinkers. This popularity grew and grew over time until today where red plastic cups are now the number one party cups choice in not only America but NZ too.

Beer Pong NZ

What is Beer Pong? Beer pong is a popular beer drinking game in NZ which can be played one on one or in teams of two or more. The idea of beer pong is to bounce your pong ball into the opponents cups, thus eliminating that cup. The person to first eliminate all the opposing players cups wins the game. Buy beer pong games and beer pong balls.

How to play Beer Pong?

To play pong you will need a beer pong starter kit, else you can play with red or blue plastic party cups and a ping pong ball. Firstly find a suitable table, we recommend a table around 1m wide and 2m long. Fill 20 red cups with the desired amount of drink and setup the cups so there are six, ten or more red cups at each end of the table in a triangle formation. Each team will alternate with taking shots aimed at the opposing team's red cups. If the ball lands in a cup then the opposing team must drink the contents and then this cup is removed off the table. The team with no cups remaining and the end is the loser and must consume all of the winner's remaining drinks! Ouch!!