Tips & FAQs

Q:Why shop at

A: stocks a massive range of party supplies, party decorations and other party stuff. We are backed by Party Warehouse, Christchurch’s leading party and events company, who operate a physical party shop at 133 Blenheim Rd, Christchurch. deliver throughout NZ including Auckland, Wellington and all other towns & cities.

Q: I have never purchased party supplies online before, is there any risk?

A: You can trust as we are backed by Party Warehouse, Christchurch’s leading party and events company and our online payment system is completely safe and secure. We are New Zealand's leading online party retailer selling a wide range of party decorations and party supplies.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and direct debit payments. No additional charges apply when you use a credit card.

Q: Do prices include GST?

A: All prices are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST.

Q: Do you have a party store in Auckland or Wellington NZ

A: is based in Christchurch NZ and we courier party supplies throughout NZ including Auckland, Wellington and all other towns & cities. Delivery throughout the South Island usually takes 1-2 working days and deliver to Auckland, Wellington and North Island centres takes 2-3 days.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: has made this easy and secure. Browse through our online party shop and add items to your shopping basket (which is displayed at the top right of your screen). When you are finished shopping, simply “checkout” and follow the easy steps to confirm your order and pay for your party supplies. We will then process your order and courier your supplies.

Q: How long do deliveries take?

A: delivers throughout New Zealand and majority of purchases are sent by courier. Most orders will be delivered within 1-3 days depending on location, preferred freight option and packaging times. Rural delivery customers may experience further delays and charges.

Q: What if my order is urgent?

A: Please advise if your order is urgent and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Q: Can I track my order?

A: Yes you can, each order is assigned a delivery code.

Q: Can I pickup my order? A: Yes you can, please select this option during the payment stage and we will set aside your order. All pick ups can be made from Party Warehouse 133 Blenheim Rd Christchurch

Q: Can we setup a trade account?

A: Yes you can, please contact us.

Q: Do you hire disco lights and party lighting?

A: Yes we do. Our parent company Party Warehouse hires sound & lighting equipment for all types of events and functions. Their massive range includes sound active disco lights, mirror balls, as well as laser lights, smoke/fog machines, bubbles machines, light stands and lots more. Party Warehouse also hire digital jukeboxes and pa/sound systems suitable for ipods and laptops. Visit for more information on party hire equipment.

Q: What is a piñata?

A: A piñata is a brightly-coloured cardboard container that you can fill with sweets and/or toys. It is generally suspended in the air where a succession of blindfolded, stick-wielding children try to break the piñata in order to collect the sweets and toys inside of it. It has been used for hundreds of years to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays.

Q: How do you play the traditional piñata game?

A: Once you have chosen and purchased your piñata, piñata fillers / party favours, blindfold and piñata buster stick you will need to fill the piñata with the fillers/favours. Find a rope and hang the piñata above the ground, allow each blindfolded child to hit the piñata a few times before passing the buster and blindfold onto the next child. When the piñata breaks open spilling the piñata fillers and party favours, the children can fill their loot bags with the goodies to take home.

Q: Are your piñatas pre-filled?

A: All piñatas are sold empty. We have a great range of piñata fillers and party favours available to purchase.

Q: Do you inflate helium balloons?

A: Yes we inflate all types of helium balloons and our colour range is enormous.

Q: What are helium quality balloons?

A: Helium quality balloons are made from higher grade latex (rubber) than standard quality balloons. Unfortunately there is no official standard that defines a helium quality balloon and some retailers and large chain stores do stock balloons that claim to be helium quality but are not suitable to be used for helium. only use high-grade helium quality balloons when we inflate balloons with helium gas.

Q: How much are helium balloons?

A: This depends on what types of balloon are required and if you require the balloons to float from the ceiling or to be tied to a weight. has a wide range of foil and latex balloons, both of which are available plain or printed. Alternatively we can create balloon bunches for you and the pricing will depend on the number and types of balloons required, and the weight. Please refer to our online shop for prices and information.

Q: How long do helium balloons last? A: Latex helium balloons will last for 10-12 hours (and sometimes longer) so they therefore need to be inflated on the day of your function. We can treat latex balloons with high-float which will typically extend their duration for up several days, although this is not guaranteed. Foil balloons will remain inflated for 6-14 days depending on conditions and they can be refilled with helium.

Q: What is the difference between foil and latex balloons?

A: Foil helium balloons are considerably superior to latex (rubber) helium balloons and will remain inflated for several days. Foil balloons are more expensive and are therefore suitable for gifts, novelties or table centre pieces. If you require helium balloon bunches or if you wish to fill a room with helium balloons then we would recommend latex (rubber) balloons.

Q: What is high-float (or HiFloat)?

A: High float is a synthetic product that we can apply to the inside of a latex balloon to delay the helium from escaping, and therefore make the balloon float longer. Latex balloons treated with high-float will last 2-7 days depending on conditions, and although this product is extremely reliable we cannot guarantee this. We strongly advise that latex helium balloons are inflated on the day of your function as this is the best and cheapest option.

Q: Do you sell helium tanks?

A: Yes we do sell helium tanks and we also hire them. These tanks that we sell are disposable and can not be re filled. Our helium tanks (hire) will inflate a certain number of 11”-12” (28cm – 30cm) balloons, which is a standard size balloon. The helium tanks we sell come with 30 x 9” (20cm).

Q: Do you inflate my own balloons?

A: We can inflate your own balloons at our party shop, although we do advise caution. Our helium balloons are of high-quality and are suitable for helium while other retailers and large chain stores stock inferior quality balloons and sell them as “helium quality” when they are not. We have experienced this several times and we cannot guarantee other supplier’s balloons will remain inflated.

Q: Do your helium balloons include ribbon?

A: Yes we place a length of curling ribbon on all helium balloons that we inflate. There is no additional charge for this.

Q: Do you helium balloons include weights?

A: Individual helium balloons do not include weights as they will typically be required to float from the ceiling. We have a great range of balloon weights available if you require your helium balloons to be anchored, e.g. for a table centre piece. All helium balloon bunches include a standard balloon weight which can be upgraded if needed.

Q: Do you have printed helium balloons?

A: Yes we have a wide range of pre-printed helium-quality balloons available in foil and latex. All balloons are of excellent quality.

Q: Is helium inflammable?

A: No it is not. Helium is a very safe gas to use.

Q: Can I suck the helium and make my voice go funny?

A: We STRONGLY advise that you do not do this as it may lead to asphyxiation (lack of oxygen in the lungs) and therefore serious injury or death. Be sure to supervise children at all times.

Q: What is the lifting capacity of a helium balloon?

A: A typical 30cm latex balloon (1 foot) has a volume of 0.5 cubic feet and will therefore lift approximately 14grams. Not much!

Q: Do you sell pre-printed balloons?

A: sells a great range of pre-printed balloons that can be purchased individually or in retails packs (typically available in packs of 8, 10 or 50). All balloons are high-grade and helium quality.

Q: Does custom print balloons?

A: can custom print balloons with your own text, image or company logo. Minimum order is 50 balloons, although balloon printing is usually economical for orders of 250 and above. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What are balloon cups & canes? A: Balloon cups and canes, otherwise known as balloon sticks and cups, can be placed on the end of a balloon and handed out to children, or for promotional events. The cup and cane is an economical alternative to helium gas as it keeps the balloons upright and in position without the excessive cost of helium. We sell cups and canes individually, in bundles of 100 or in carton quantities.

Q: Do you sell Red Cups / Red Plastic Cups?

A: Yes, we sell Red Cups. Red Plastic Cups are a very popular for parties and they are one of our biggest selling items.

Q: Do you have different grades of disposable plates?

A: Yes we do. We have paper plates and standard plastic plates available, as well as a huge range of high-quality (reusable) plastic tableware, including dinner plates, side plates, bowls. Matching napkins, table covers, cups and cutlery is also available and we have over 12 colours to select from.

Q: What plastic cutlery do you sell?

A: We have a range of bulk plastic cutlery including knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons and “sporks” (spoon and fork combined). We also sell high-quality (reusable) tableware coloured tableware which includes knives, forks and spoons available in over 8 colours. The tableware range has matching plates, bowls, cups, napkins and table covers too.

Q: What tumblers and cups do you sell?

A: We have a massive range of disposable tumblers, cups and wine goblets including plastic tumblers (various sizes), insert cups, foam cups, paper/hot cups (suitable for coffee) and plastic wine goblets. Refer to our online shop for more prices and more information.

Q: Do you sell plastic disposable wine goblets?

A: Yes we do, they are available in 10pks, 30pks and carton quantities too.

Q: Do you discount for bulk purchases?

A: We regularly sell disposable catering equipment in carton quantities, which is cheaper than purchasing packs individually. Most items are available in cartons of 500 – 1000 units per carton, although this does vary. Please contact us if you require carton quantities.

Q: What birthdays do you have party supplies for?

A: We carry party supplies for all major birthdays including, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 65th, 70th, 80th, 90th and 100!! We have better a range of stock for the popular birthdays including 21st – 60th. Refer to our online shop for more prices and more information.

Q: What anniversaries do you have party supplies for?

A: We have party supplies for the following anniversaries: 25th, 50th and general (silver, golden and general).

Q: What quality/grade are the table covers?

A: Our table covers are made from a high grade plastic and are suitables for most functions and parties. We also hire linen for weddings, business functions and other special events.

Q: What quality napkins do you stock?

A: All our cocktail, lunch, dinner and themed napkins are 2 or 3 ply and are suitable for all events. We do sell bulk 1ply napkins too, suitable for sausage sizzles etc. We also hire a wide range of linen napkins for weddings, business functions and other special events.

Q: Do you have specials?

A: Yes we continually have a range of special and discontinued items. See “specials” or Bargain Bin on the left hand menu for more information.

Q: Do you hire party equipment in Auckland

A: delivers party supplies and party decorations to Auckland. Our parent company Party Warehouses supplies party hire equipment in Christchurch but not Auckland. For party hire Auckland please visit Do you have a retail store? Yes we do, you can visit our party shop at 133 Blenheim Rd Christchurch for more information.

Q: Do you deliver in NZ?

A: delivers party supplies throughout NZ. Most orders will be shipped within 12 hours of placement and delivery typically takes 1-3 days depending on location, preferred freight option and packaging times. Note, rural delivery charges may apply.